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by Nancy Pinzon, PhD Candidate, Latin American Literature, University of Florida
Homeschooling Supplies

by Isabella Kemp, 19, Student
Fred Rogers

by Graci Mills, 18, High School Student

by Sydney Downard, 18 year old senior in high school
Untitled presentation-3.jpg

by Esther Chacon, 18 year old student
beckanne sisk swan lake HM.jpg

by Becky Krusi, 18 years old senior at Mountain Heights Academy; full time dance student in the Professional Training Division at Ballet West Academy

by Gabriel Ritch, 18, high school student
Young Adult Literature

by Scot Smith, 55, School librarian

by Evalin Musser, a 2020 senior at Mountain Heights Academy
Humanities Moments.png

by Skylar, art and design student

by Kristin Jacobson, Professor of American Literature, Stockton University
Duomo di Milano

by Michelle Zupan, Curator & Director, Hickory Hill
Skull and Books

by Noah Reid, actor and musician
Record Player

by Melissa B, 27, Student

by Connor Vonhof, 18, Student/Entrepreneur

by I am Geraldine Galindo, I am 28 years old, and I am student at the St. Peterburg College
Anne Frank House

by Jared Willis, 34, Student
Tikal Maya Ruins

by Melanie Gonzalez, 19, Student
Kuba Sound Designs

by Nettrice Gaskins, artist, researcher, educator
Social Media

by Lincoln El-Amin, English major at Texas A&M University
Broken glass

by Secretary Atif Qarni, Virginia Secretary of Education
Symposium Ad

by Sarah Scriven, 26, PhD Student in Women's Studies
Beethoven's Music

by Craig Perrier, 46, Curriculum Specialist for Social Studies and Adjunct Professor
Pencil and Sharpener

by Anonymous
William Shakespeare

by Dr. Michael P. H. Stanley
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