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by Matt Phillips, English Lecturer

by Kendyl M, Schmidt, 34, PhD Student
Migratory birds

by Tory Brykalski, 34, gradate student and anthropologist of emergency eduction
Night Sky

by Deepan Rajaratnam, Ph.D. Candidate
Runnel Walk

by Genevieve Guzmán, 37, PhD student
Vegetarian Diet

by Taylin Nelson, 28, doctoral student
Three Little Birds

by Irene Gasarah, Ph.D. Student
Diary Entry

by Abigail Shimer, 25, Ph.D. Student

by Richard Daily, 32, Ph.D. Candidate
Children's art

by Amber Pitt, 35, Ph.D. Candidate in Art Education, University of Georgia
Balconies with flag

by Gilberto Garcia, 35, Ph.D. student and language instructor
Bisham Abbey

by Frankie Urrutia-Smith, Graduate Student, 24
Virgen del Carmen

by Fernando Alvear, 36, PhD Candidate in Philosophy and Graduate Instructor, University of Missouri
Zeppelin record

by Frank Lacopo, 27, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Penn State University

by Jonathan Correa, 31, Ph.D. Candidate
Library stacks

by Katie Ireland Kuiper, 29, Ph.D. Candidate

by Jacob Brakebill, 27, Ph.D. Candidate

by Abena Boakyewa-Ansah, 28, History Ph.D. Candidate
Young child

by Brandy, Graduate student
Picking grapes

by Vanessa Madrigal Lauchland, 35, Ph.D. Student, Latinx History
The Sun

by Bridget H., Ph.D. student
Greek soldier

by Emily, 32, American Studies Ph.D. Student
Library Bookshelf

by Bailey Boyd, 32, Ph.D Candidate
Storm at Sea

by Philip Gilreath, 32, University of Georgia Ph.D. Student

by Angeline Morris, 25, Ph.D. Student
American Neighborhood

by Carey Kelley, 44, Ph.D. candidate, University of Missouri

by Sólveig Ásta Sigurðardóttir, 31, Ph.D. candidate

by Lindsey Waldenberg, 31, Public History Ph.D. Student
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