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San Antonio Express, September 12, 1964

by Steve Earle, singer-songwriter

by Jewel Parker, Age 27, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Queen Mary Stairway

by Kathleen Stankiewicz, 39, High School History Teacher
Map of South Vietnam

by Breanna Holtz, 26, Social Studies teacher in Oregon
without words

by Christina Lohry, Chantilly Montessori School, Charlotte, NC
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

by Luke Rodewald, 28, English Ph.D. Student
The Green Light

by Maggie Jones, 28, Social Studies Teacher
Salvation Mountain

by Victoria Machado, 30, PhD Candidate in Religion & Nature / Writing Instructor at the University of Florida

by Willa Z. Silverman, 62, Malvin E. and Lea P. Bank Professor of French and Jewish Studies, Penn State University
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

by Olympia Friday, Digital Engagement and Marketing Coordinator, National Humanities Center
Untitled presentation-3.jpg

by Esther Chacon, 18 year old student
Vietnam War Memorial

by Laura Wakefield, History Educator
American Neighborhood

by Carey Kelley, 44, Ph.D. candidate, University of Missouri

by Caitlin Patton, North Carolina Humanities Council
Japanese internment detainees

by George Takei, actor, author, director, activist
Image of Aurora Borealis

by Emily Beckwith (she/her), 31, Ph.D. Student in British Literature, University of Georgia

by Kathryn Bentley, Arts & Science Council
Children's art

by Amber Pitt, 35, Ph.D. Candidate in Art Education, University of Georgia
Illustration of final chase scene in Herman Melville'sMoby-Dick

by James Hackett, CEO, Alta Mesa Resources
Printz Prize Winners 2018

by Scot Smith, 53, school librarian
Handmaids' Protest<br />
<br />
Photo credit: Ana Clara Nicola<br />

by Clara Bergamini, 27, graduate student
Human Geographies

by Craig Perrier (46). Educator, curriculum specialist, teacher, adjunct, and digital history project designer.
The Sun

by Bridget H., Ph.D. student
James Meredith at University of Mississippi

by Kiran Garcha; 35 years old; PhD candidate in the Department of History at University of California, Santa Cruz.
Bussa Rebellion Banner

by Emily Longenecker, 34, High School Teacher, Virginia

by Benjamin Brewer, Doctoral Candidate in Philosophy, Emory University
Humanities Moments.png

by Skylar, art and design student
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