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and here you are living despite it all

by Sydney, 21, student
Book spines

by Jingyi Li
Willa Cather, 1912

by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California
No such thing as silence

by Tereza Walsbergerová, 27, graduate student of English
Lock of hair

by Morgane Haesen, 28, PhD candidate (French and Francophone Studies), Penn State University
Betting on Zero

by Edward J. Balleisen, professor of history at Duke University

by Hollis Robbins, Johns Hopkins University

by Skye Shirley, age 28, Latin Teacher in Boston, MA
World flag map

by James Hackett, CEO, Alta Mesa Resources
Broken glass

by Secretary Atif Qarni, Virginia Secretary of Education
James Meredith at University of Mississippi

by Kiran Garcha; 35 years old; PhD candidate in the Department of History at University of California, Santa Cruz.
Still from the film Beautiful Boy

by Julie Rakowitz, 21, Programs Coordinator Assistant at the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research
Rare Books

by Natalie Hanson, 36, History Teacher
The contributor's playbill of Hamilton

by Brianna Whitney, 18, Student

by Natalie Glees, 25, teacher
The Middle East

by Scott, 34, former journalist
Fighter Jet Missile

by Paul Haynes, history teacher, Navy veteran, and former government employee, 59
Writing poetry

by Patricia Matthew, 49, English professor living in Brooklyn, New York
Children's art

by Amber Pitt, 35, Ph.D. Candidate in Art Education, University of Georgia
The burning of the Stamp Act in 1765

by Steve Oreskovic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District
Chimborazo Volcano, Ecuador

by Emma Barlow, 18, Student
without words

by Christina Lohry, Chantilly Montessori School, Charlotte, NC
Hmong Dan Cong Labor

by Becky Goncharoff, 28, Thailand Program Manager for Thrival World Academies and Rustic Pathways
The Virginia State Capitol

by Daniel J. Palazzolo, 56, professor of political science at the University of Richmond
Camille Monet in Japanese Costume

by Sarah Bartosiak, High School Social Studies Teacher
acoustic guitar

by Jeff Crawford, musician
Farm in winter

by Esther Mackintosh, President of the Federation of State Humanities Councils
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