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and here you are living despite it all

by Sydney, 21, student
Fred Rogers

by Graci Mills, 18, High School Student

by Richard Arnold, 48, English teacher
Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia

by Dr. Ed Ayers, former President and Professor of History at the University of Richmond, former President of the Organization of American Historians, and noted public historian
from Ken Burns' "America"

by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker
Golda Meir in 1949

by David Bruce Smith, Founding Father of the Grateful American™ Foundation

by Connie, age 54, sales analyst
“Slaughterhouse-Five,” by Kurt Vonnegut

by Robert D. Newman, President and Director, National Humanities Center
The Stanley Brothers

by Jennifer Snoddy, 42, high school history teacher, TAC member
Monument to E. M. Forster in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

by Sally Dalton Robinson
Saigon Staircase

by Dan Boyer, high school principal, Beal City Schools
Auschwitz photograph

by Josh Britton, 23, High School History Teacher
Barbados flag

by Elizabeth Mulcahy, Social Studies Teacher
Eatonville Plaque.jpg

by Valerie Rose Kelco, UNC-Greensboro, Literature
Record Player

by Melissa B, 27, Student
The burning of the Stamp Act in 1765

by Steve Oreskovic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District
“The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry,” by Harold Bloom

by William Leuchtenburg, William Rand Kenan Jr. professor emeritus of history, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Duomo di Milano

by Michelle Zupan, Curator & Director, Hickory Hill

by Jonathan Lethem, novelist
Winter Lamppost Scene

by Nina Cook, 26, Graduate Student at Rice University
Go South

by Brendon, 30, High School U.S. History Teacher, from Camden, Delaware
The Virginia State Capitol

by Daniel J. Palazzolo, 56, professor of political science at the University of Richmond
Hmong Dan Cong Labor

by Becky Goncharoff, 28, Thailand Program Manager for Thrival World Academies and Rustic Pathways
it's always darkest before the dawn

by Natalie Huebel, 22 years old and a student at Texas A&M University.
Skull and Books

by Noah Reid, actor and musician

by Jeff Braden, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, NC State University
Flower in the desert

by Nathan Nielson, 44 years old, writer and director of Books & Bridges, a humanities nonprofit organization
Japanese internment detainees

by George Takei, actor, author, director, activist
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