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Mstislav Rostropovich

by Yolande Frommer, 78, retired Travel Agent

by Kathryn Bentley, Arts & Science Council
William Millan

by Ben Wides, age 46, social studies teacher, East Side Community High School, New York City
Farm in winter

by Esther Mackintosh, President of the Federation of State Humanities Councils
Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

by Kristen Shedd, Fullerton College & The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress
Big Star at Hyde Park

by Peter Holsapple, musician
The Godfather (dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 1972)

by Liv McKinney, Duke '20, Biology Major
Auschwitz photograph

by Josh Britton, 23, High School History Teacher
How to Get U.S. Citizenship (2nd edition)

by Teresa Kim, History teacher in Vista, California
Printz Prize Winners 2018

by Scot Smith, 53, school librarian
Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa

by Gabriela Lopez, 21, Texas A&M University Undergraduate Student
“To Pimp a Butterfly,” by Kendrick Lamar

by Alex Azzi, Student at TAMU
Hồ Xuân Hương<br />
<br />

by Lindsey Graham, 27, history teacher
Jackie O. and John F. Kennedy engagement photo by Richard Avedon

by Dr. Gil Greggs, Director of Academic Programs, St. David’s School, Raleigh NC
"When Breath Becomes Air," by Paul Kalanithi

by Robert D. Newman, President and Director, National Humanities Center

by Kelsey Smith, 18 years old. I love to write stories and use my imagination. I also love working with little kids as well.
from Ken Burns' "America"

by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker
U.S. Navy emblem

by Lou Nachman, Charlotte Mecklenburg School District, NC

by Thérèse Cory, associate professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University
David Denby, author, journalist, film critic

by David Denby, author, journalist, film critic
Constellation myths

by Ron Eisenman, public high school social studies teacher, Rutland, Vermont
Go South

by Brendon, 30, High School U.S. History Teacher, from Camden, Delaware

by Jeff Braden, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, NC State University
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