Humanities Moments

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Fred Rogers

by Graci Mills, 18, High School Student
War dog in training, circa 1940

by Wendy Griswold, professor of sociology, Northwestern University
African American Park Ranger Sylvester Putman and Maggie Laura Walker Lewis at the July 14, 1985 opening ceremony for Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

by Betty Reid Soskin, U.S. National Park Service Ranger
Library bookcases

by Deborah Jung, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District
The Fault in Our Stars

by Cheyenne, 18 years old, living in Utah, a senior in high school
Diary Entry

by Abigail Shimer, 25, Ph.D. Student

by E.N.K. Robbins, 26, Ph.D. Candidate
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