Humanities Moments

Humanities Moments

We’ve all had “humanities moments” — when our lives were made richer, more poignant, and meaningful because of the insights the humanities provide.

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by Madison Forrest, 18, student
It couldn't happen to me
This past year my aunt, my mother's sister, passed away very young at age 45. Her passing devastated my family and I. The thought that kept entering my head was there's no way this could happen to me. Tragedies, catastrophes, and other huge losses have never affected me so directly. Then, in one of my English classes we began to read a book Beyond Katrina, which detailed the destruction of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Reading about these people who lost so many family members so suddenly and so young just broke my heart in…

by Jordan, 21, Student
Site in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
In one of my English classes, we are currently reading through Beyond Katrina by Natasha Trethewey. I was very young when the storm hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I live far enough away, in Texas, to where no one I knew was affected. After the events of Hurricane Harvey though, I saw so many of my friends go through hard times. So many of their houses were destroyed and all they could do was watch and wait for news from their families. Reading books like Beyond Katrina have helped me to understand the destruction a natural…
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