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The Hawaiian Filipino community welcomes a Philippine navy captain

by Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, 28th Chief Justice of the State of California
Willa Cather, 1912

by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California
Three Blind Mice

by Juan Felipe Herrera, performance artist, activist, and U.S. Poet Laureate in 2015
Rosie the Riviter

by Anonymous
Jackie O. and John F. Kennedy engagement photo by Richard Avedon

by Dr. Gil Greggs, Director of Academic Programs, St. David’s School, Raleigh NC

by Hollis Robbins, Johns Hopkins University

by Thérèse Cory, associate professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University

by Caroline A. Jones, professor of art history at MIT
Windmill Picture (back).jpg

by Patricia Garvey, 23, Earth Science and Astronomy teacher
Fishing Net

by Frances Coffey, High School Teacher
Barbados flag

by Elizabeth Mulcahy, Social Studies Teacher
Emancipation Act Barbados

by Chris Cantone, 24, US History and World History I teacher at Albemarle High School in Albemarle County, Virginia
Barbados Museum

by John Skelton, 30, Teacher, Virginia
Bussa Rebellion Banner

by Emily Longenecker, 34, High School Teacher, Virginia
Saigon Staircase

by Dan Boyer, high school principal, Beal City Schools
Hồ Xuân Hương<br />
<br />

by Lindsey Graham, 27, history teacher
Map of South Vietnam

by Breanna Holtz, 26, Social Studies teacher in Oregon
Front-page news on Muhammad Ali

by Melissa Barnhouse, 38, exceptional children's teacher
French Indochina Post-Partition

by Kate Cruze, 35, History Teacher, Greensboro NC
Ho Chi Minh's "Appeal Made on the Occasion of the Founding of the Indochinese Communist Party"

by Terry Ashkinos, 8th grade Humanities teacher, CA
Splendor and Darkness, Ackland Art Museum

by Michael Miragliuolo, 43, Social Studies Teacher at Green Hope HS in Cary, NC
Ho Chi Minh Trail network

by Alex Christman, 41, history teacher in Durham North Carolina
South Vietnam, 1975

by Spencer Swindler, 44, social studies teacher Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Muhammad Ali

by Kimberly Perry-Sanderlin, AIG Specialist- Durham Public Schools (NC)
Vietnam War Memorial

by Laura Wakefield, History Educator

by Brittanee C. Rolle, 28, Teacher
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence

by Dorothy Morris-Ross, 71, High School Teacher

by Breann Johnston, Middle School Teacher
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