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Ho Chi Minh's "Appeal Made on the Occasion of the Founding of the Indochinese Communist Party"

by Terry Ashkinos, 8th grade Humanities teacher, CA
NW Vietnam Region

by Maggie Childress, 24, Teacher, Wake County, North Carolina

by Caitlin Patton, North Carolina Humanities Council

by Thérèse Cory, associate professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University
Mason-Dixon Line

by Julie Mullis, Wilkes Community College
Arthur Miller

by Scott Gartlan, Executive Director, Charlotte Teachers Institute
This Couldn’t Happen to Me

by Madison Forrest, 18, student
Calligrapher at the 2002 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

by Stephen Kidd, Executive Director, National Humanities Alliance
Saigon Staircase

by Dan Boyer, high school principal, Beal City Schools
Ohlone Indians in a Tule Boat in the San Francisco Bay 1822, by Louis Choris

by Malcolm Margolin, author, publisher, and founder of Heyday Books
Sargassam & Barbados

by Chris Bunin
Three Blind Mice

by Juan Felipe Herrera, performance artist, activist, and U.S. Poet Laureate in 2015
"When Breath Becomes Air," by Paul Kalanithi

by Robert D. Newman, President and Director, National Humanities Center
“Night Hawks,” by Edward Hopper

by David Denby, author, journalist, film critic for the New Yorker
Hmong Dan Cong Labor

by Becky Goncharoff, 28, Thailand Program Manager for Thrival World Academies and Rustic Pathways
Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa

by Gabriela Lopez, 21, Texas A&M University Undergraduate Student
East German citizens climb the Berlin Wall

by Nancy Gardner, educational consultant and NBCT teacher

by Kathryn Bentley, Arts & Science Council
New York, New York

by Carter Thompson, artist and designer
The contributor's playbill of Hamilton

by Brianna Whitney, 18, Student
Plutarch's “Lives”

by Jaroslav Folda, N. Ferebee Taylor Professor emeritus, UNC

by Jonathan Lethem, novelist
Preparing for the North Carolina Symphony's visit

by Charles Frazier, award-winning author of Cold Mountain, Varina, and other novels
The Mini Page

by Betty Debnam, journalist and founder of the Mini Page
Locust Abortion Technician

by Bob Schneider, musician, songwriter, and artist based in Austin, Texas
Acts 20:35

by Stephany Rankin, 22, Student at Texas A&M University
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