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The Beatles

by Matthew Sweet, musician based in Omaha, Nebraska
James Joyce, 1915

by William Ferris, former Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
Chimborazo Volcano, Ecuador

by Emma Barlow, 18, Student
HM Buddha.jpg

by John Batchelor 19, college student
Menéndez Landing by Stanley Meltzoff

by Judy Lindquist, 59 years old, Educator and Author and 2018-19 Teacher Advisory Council member
Shelf of Books

by Nancy Pinzon, PhD Candidate, Latin American Literature, University of Florida
Printz Prize Winners 2018

by Scot Smith, 53, school librarian
Illustration of final chase scene in Herman Melville'sMoby-Dick

by James Hackett, CEO, Alta Mesa Resources

by Connie, age 54, sales analyst

by Justin Parmenter, Charlotte Mecklenburg School District, NC
Willa Cather, 1912

by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California
“Death of a Salesman,” by Arthur Miller

by Brian Finke, 21, Student at Texas A&M
Hmong Dan Cong Labor

by Becky Goncharoff, 28, Thailand Program Manager for Thrival World Academies and Rustic Pathways
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

by Morna O’Neill, age 41, art history professor
“Dragonsong” by Anne McCaffrey

by Michelle Davidson, educator and owner of The Lyceum Steps, an education evaluation company
Feminist architect Phyllis Birkby

by Katelyn Campbell, 24, PhD Student in American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill
Map of South Vietnam

by Breanna Holtz, 26, Social Studies teacher in Oregon
Emancipation Act Barbados

by Chris Cantone, 24, US History and World History I teacher at Albemarle High School in Albemarle County, Virginia

by Kelsey Smith, 18 years old. I love to write stories and use my imagination. I also love working with little kids as well.

by Sarah (Sadie) Warren, 31, PhD Candidate, Instructor, and Digital Scholarship Associate
turntable and laptop

by John Heitzenrater, musician
Women's Suffrage Parade

by Katie Schinabeck
sketchbook and pencil

by David Roh, 41, Associate Professor of English
Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)

by Jacqueline Stallworth, 46 years old, High School English teacher in northern Virginia
from Ken Burns' "America"

by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker
Dresden after firebombing, 1945

by Jon Parrish Peede, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities
The Hawaiian Filipino community welcomes a Philippine navy captain

by Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, 28th Chief Justice of the State of California
Big Star at Hyde Park

by Peter Holsapple, musician
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