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Tbilisi Architecture

by Maggie, 29, High School Social Studies teacher
Visiting the Art Museum

by G. Lee, 33, Social Studies Teacher
United States Burials

by Bradley T. Swain, 38, Social Studies Teacher at West Springfield High School

by Jeff Vande Sande, 32, High School History Teacher
Stirling University

by Craig Perrier, 48, Social Studies Curriculum Specialist and Adjunct
Miniature City

by Kim Karayannis, FCPS Social Studies teacher
Camille Monet in Japanese Costume

by Sarah Bartosiak, High School Social Studies Teacher
The Green Light

by Maggie Jones, 28, Social Studies Teacher
School Bus

by Samantha, 27, Teacher
Teaching with Technology

by Kathryn Thayer, Social Studies Teacher

by Natalie Glees, 25, teacher
Students at Capitol

by Josh Britton, 25, High School Teacher
Spices for Sale

by Sorya Or, 42, High school Social Studies teacher

by Jim Wagner, 64, History Teacher

by Rebecca Watt, Social Studies Teacher and avid traveler
St. Louis Arch

by Michelle Lukacs, 30, Social Studies Secondary Teacher
Queen Mary Stairway

by Kathleen Stankiewicz, 39, High School History Teacher
Rare Books

by Natalie Hanson, 36, History Teacher
McEwen German House, Franklin, TN

by Lauren Eastland, 52, PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis
French bus

by Ashley Coogan, 34, PhD Student in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Arizona State University
Gothic courtyard

by Alexis Lygoumenos, PhD student, actress under the stage name Alexis Nichols
Florida Landscape

by Rebecca Earles, 27, graduate student (Rice University)
Notes on Helen Zia

by Angel Trazo, 26, PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis

by Matt Phillips, English Lecturer

by Kendyl M, Schmidt, 34, PhD Student
Migratory birds

by Tory Brykalski, 34, gradate student and anthropologist of emergency eduction
Night Sky

by Deepan Rajaratnam, Ph.D. Candidate
Runnel Walk

by Genevieve Guzmán, 37, PhD student
Vegetarian Diet

by Taylin Nelson, 28, doctoral student
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