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Rare Books

by Natalie Hanson, 36, History Teacher
Bone scan

by Eunice Ying Ci Lim, 29, Ph.D. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University, Comparative Literature and Asian Studies
To Kill a Mockingbird

by Sarah Arnold, 38, English Teacher
Notes on Helen Zia

by Angel Trazo, 26, PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis
Lightbulb moment

by Jacob, Johnston 20 years old. College student at Texas A&M University
Ulysses and the Sirens, illustration from an antique Greek vase

by Kevin Guthrie, founder/president, ITHAKA
The Fault in Our Stars

by Cheyenne, 18 years old, living in Utah, a senior in high school

by Caroline Bare, 38, Social Studies teacher
Sheet music

by Megan Kitts, 25, Philosophy Ph.D. Student
James Joyce, 1915

by William Ferris, former Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities

by Willa Z. Silverman, 62, Malvin E. and Lea P. Bank Professor of French and Jewish Studies, Penn State University

by Anushka Sen, 30, Ph.D. Candidate, teacher, emerging translator
Ebony Fashion Fair designer fashions, NCMA

by Olympia Friday, Digital Engagement & Marketing Coordinator, National Humanities Center
Car radio

by George Bailey, 74. Retired helicopter pilot (45 years). Failed musician, proficient amateur illustrator, avid sailor.
Vegetarian Diet

by Taylin Nelson, 28, doctoral student
Populibros peruanos

by Carlos A. Tello Barreda, 36, Ph.D. candidate in Native American Studies
Artificial Intelligence

by Leonardo Montes Alvarez, Ph.D. candidate
Bisham Abbey

by Frankie Urrutia-Smith, Graduate Student, 24
Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)

by Jacqueline Stallworth, 46 years old, High School English teacher in northern Virginia
Zeppelin record

by Frank Lacopo, 27, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Penn State University

by Zachary Fine, 19, Student
The Sun

by Bridget H., Ph.D. student
Writing poetry

by Patricia Matthew, 49, English professor living in Brooklyn, New York
“Hamilton, an American Musical”

by Thomas Scherer, Consultant, Spencer Capital Holdings
Handmaids' Protest<br />
<br />
Photo credit: Ana Clara Nicola<br />

by Clara Bergamini, 27, graduate student
Runnel Walk

by Genevieve Guzmán, 37, PhD student
West End

by Ari Green, 27, Doctoral Student and Archival Processing Assistant

by Nauff Zakaria, 37, Ph.D. Candidate
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