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Diego Rivera, “The History of Mexico”

by Craig Watson, former director of the California Arts Council
"Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"

by Ivana Ancic, Ph.D. Candidate
"When Breath Becomes Air," by Paul Kalanithi

by Robert D. Newman, President and Director, National Humanities Center
Magician by Raymond E. Feist

by Kevin Spencer, 37, PhD student in English at Duke University

by Matt Phillips, English Lecturer
Library Bookshelf

by Bailey Boyd, 32, Ph.D Candidate
The Middle East

by Scott, 34, former journalist
Lake Nicaragua

by Alejandro, 19, student
Fishing Camp

by Matthew Booker, associate professor of American environmental history, North Carolina State University

by Lindsey Waldenberg, 31, Public History Ph.D. Student
Book and Notes

by A.F. Lewis, 27, Ph.D. candidate and graduate instructor

by Stephen Garrett, 21, Student
East German citizens climb the Berlin Wall

by Nancy Gardner, educational consultant and NBCT teacher
Betting on Zero

by Edward J. Balleisen, professor of history at Duke University
The Virginia State Capitol

by Daniel J. Palazzolo, 56, professor of political science at the University of Richmond
Florida Landscape

by Rebecca Earles, 27, graduate student (Rice University)

by Richard Daily, 32, Ph.D. Candidate
The Stanley Brothers

by Jennifer Snoddy, 42, high school history teacher, TAC member
San Antonio Express, September 12, 1964

by Steve Earle, singer-songwriter

by Jeff Vande Sande, 32, High School History Teacher
Vincent van Gogh, "Wheatfield with Crows"

by C. Allen Parker, General Counsel, Wells Fargo & Company
Musée d'Orsay

by Katie Ligmond, 27, Ph.D. Candidate in Visual Studies
Teaching with Technology

by Kathryn Thayer, Social Studies Teacher
Juliet's Balcony

by Morgan Shaw, 23, Graduate Student

by Angeline Morris, 25, Ph.D. Student
Storm at Sea

by Philip Gilreath, 32, University of Georgia Ph.D. Student
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