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by Rebecca Watt, Social Studies Teacher and avid traveler
Young child

by Brandy, Graduate student
Menéndez Landing by Stanley Meltzoff

by Judy Lindquist, 59 years old, Educator and Author and 2018-19 Teacher Advisory Council member
Harriet Beecher Stowe, c. 1852

by Kathryn Hill, President, The Levine Museum of the New South
Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker

by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker

by Kelsey Smith, 18 years old. I love to write stories and use my imagination. I also love working with little kids as well.
Young Adult Literature

by Scot Smith, 55, School librarian
Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman Monument - Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi

by Julia Nguyen, historian and grant-maker
Statue of Mohandas Gandhi

by Rick Parker, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Book spines

by Jingyi Li
Piano and Sheet Music

by Barbara Barry, 72, music theorist and philosopher
“Night Hawks,” by Edward Hopper

by David Denby, author, journalist, film critic for the New Yorker
The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

by Steven Van Zandt, musician (E Street Band), actor (The Sopranos), and founder of Rock & Roll Forever Foundation
French Indochina Post-Partition

by Kate Cruze, 35, History Teacher, Greensboro NC
“Persepolis,” by Marjane Satrapi

by Theresa Pierce, Rowan County Early College
LA Public Library

by Luis Rodriguez, Poet Laureate of Los Angeles in 2014
sketchbook and pencil

by David Roh, 41, Associate Professor of English
Handmaids' Protest<br />
<br />
Photo credit: Ana Clara Nicola<br />

by Clara Bergamini, 27, graduate student
Mantra-Rock Dance promotional poster featuring the Grateful Dead (1967)

by Bill Carbone, Vice President of Education, Rock and Roll Forever Foundation

by Randee Wittkopf, 46, high school social studies teacher, mom, wife, sister, daughter and lover of the Humanities
Mason-Dixon Line

by Julie Mullis, Wilkes Community College
Illustration of final chase scene in Herman Melville'sMoby-Dick

by James Hackett, CEO, Alta Mesa Resources
Saigon Staircase

by Dan Boyer, high school principal, Beal City Schools
Book and Notes

by A.F. Lewis, 27, Ph.D. candidate and graduate instructor
Video game controller

by Cameron Lee Winter, Ph.D. Candidate
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