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Library stacks

by Katie Ireland Kuiper, 29, Ph.D. Candidate
Barbados signs

by Kristen Wilson 30 years old, history teacher in Albemarle County, Virginia
sands of time

by Kenneth, 20, student at Texas A&M University
Juliet's Balcony

by Morgan Shaw, 23, Graduate Student
Menéndez Landing by Stanley Meltzoff

by Judy Lindquist, 59 years old, Educator and Author and 2018-19 Teacher Advisory Council member
Double Dutch

by Shimira Williams, 42, Integration Specialist
New Orleans manhole cover

by Melissa Tracy, 34, Social Studies Teacher
Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman Monument - Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi

by Julia Nguyen, historian and grant-maker
Social Media

by Lincoln El-Amin, English major at Texas A&M University
Medical clinic

by Jessica Herling, 27, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies graduate student
Spices for Sale

by Sorya Or, 42, High school Social Studies teacher
sketchbook and pencil

by David Roh, 41, Associate Professor of English
Auschwitz photograph

by Josh Britton, 23, High School History Teacher
Human Geographies

by Craig Perrier (46). Educator, curriculum specialist, teacher, adjunct, and digital history project designer.
Zeppelin record

by Frank Lacopo, 27, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Penn State University
Fish on Marchmont St (photo by MS).jpg

by Mitra Sharafi, 47, legal historian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Hamilton, an American Musical”

by Thomas Scherer, Consultant, Spencer Capital Holdings

by Jacob Brakebill, 27, Ph.D. Candidate
Populibros peruanos

by Carlos A. Tello Barreda, 36, Ph.D. candidate in Native American Studies
Willa Cather, 1912

by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California
The Mini Page

by Betty Debnam, journalist and founder of the Mini Page
West End

by Ari Green, 27, Doctoral Student and Archival Processing Assistant
"When Breath Becomes Air," by Paul Kalanithi

by Robert D. Newman, President and Director, National Humanities Center
Pencil and Sharpener

by Anonymous

by Thérèse Cory, associate professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University
The burning of the Stamp Act in 1765

by Steve Oreskovic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District

by Chaney Hill, 25, PhD Graduate student in English, Literature at Rice University

by Justin Parmenter, Charlotte Mecklenburg School District, NC
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