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Visiting the Art Museum

by G. Lee, 33, Social Studies Teacher
Miniature City

by Kim Karayannis, FCPS Social Studies teacher

by Natalie Glees, 25, teacher

by Rebecca Watt, Social Studies Teacher and avid traveler
Fighter Jet Missile

by Paul Haynes, history teacher, Navy veteran, and former government employee, 59
Menéndez Landing by Stanley Meltzoff

by Judy Lindquist, 59 years old, Educator and Author and 2018-19 Teacher Advisory Council member
Statue of Mohandas Gandhi

by Rick Parker, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Barbados signs

by Kristen Wilson 30 years old, history teacher in Albemarle County, Virginia
Plutarch's “Lives”

by Jaroslav Folda, N. Ferebee Taylor Professor emeritus, UNC

by Willa Z. Silverman, 62, Malvin E. and Lea P. Bank Professor of French and Jewish Studies, Penn State University
St. Louis Arch

by Michelle Lukacs, 30, Social Studies Secondary Teacher
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