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Hồ Xuân Hương<br />
<br />

by Lindsey Graham, 27, history teacher
Map of South Vietnam

by Breanna Holtz, 26, Social Studies teacher in Oregon
French Indochina Post-Partition

by Kate Cruze, 35, History Teacher, Greensboro NC
Hồ Chí Minh

by Solomon C. Williams, 38 years old, teacher of high school American Government and Economics
Vietnam War Memorial

by Laura Wakefield, History Educator

by Brittanee C. Rolle, 28, Teacher
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence

by Dorothy Morris-Ross, 71, High School Teacher
Go South

by Brendon, 30, High School U.S. History Teacher, from Camden, Delaware
NW Vietnam Region

by Maggie Childress, 24, Teacher, Wake County, North Carolina
Muhammad Ali

by Tony Noland, 44, Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Two Women

by Julie Doan, Elementary Teacher, Oregon
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