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Bussa Rebellion Banner

by Emily Longenecker, 34, High School Teacher, Virginia
Balconies with flag

by Gilberto Garcia, 35, Ph.D. student and language instructor
Bone scan

by Eunice Ying Ci Lim, 29, Ph.D. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University, Comparative Literature and Asian Studies
Teaching with Technology

by Kathryn Thayer, Social Studies Teacher
Science Fiction Machine

by Dawn Jacob, Ph.D. student in Philosophy
Eatonville Plaque.jpg

by Valerie Rose Kelco, UNC-Greensboro, Literature
Hồ Xuân Hương<br />
<br />

by Lindsey Graham, 27, history teacher

by Skye Shirley, age 28, Latin Teacher in Boston, MA
James Joyce, 1915

by William Ferris, former Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
Vincent van Gogh, "Wheatfield with Crows"

by C. Allen Parker, General Counsel, Wells Fargo & Company

by Willa Z. Silverman, 62, Malvin E. and Lea P. Bank Professor of French and Jewish Studies, Penn State University
William Shakespeare

by Dr. Michael P. H. Stanley
The Beatles

by Matthew Sweet, musician based in Omaha, Nebraska
Egyptian cat statuette at Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Deborah Ross, U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 2nd District
Averill Corkin

by Averill Corkin, Graduate Student, Harvard University
Chinese street

by Jinghong Zhang, 26, history Ph.D. student
Notes on Helen Zia

by Angel Trazo, 26, PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis
Florida Landscape

by Rebecca Earles, 27, graduate student (Rice University)
The burning of the Stamp Act in 1765

by Steve Oreskovic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District
“Hamilton, an American Musical”

by Thomas Scherer, Consultant, Spencer Capital Holdings
Rare Books

by Natalie Hanson, 36, History Teacher
The Fault in Our Stars

by Cheyenne, 18 years old, living in Utah, a senior in high school
The Green Light

by Maggie Jones, 28, Social Studies Teacher
Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

by Kristen Shedd, Fullerton College & The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress
White Tiger

by Vyapti Wadhwaney, 18, Student
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