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Map of South Vietnam

by Breanna Holtz, 26, Social Studies teacher in Oregon
Human Geographies

by Craig Perrier (46). Educator, curriculum specialist, teacher, adjunct, and digital history project designer.

by Thérèse Cory, associate professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University
Greek soldier

by Emily, 32, American Studies Ph.D. Student

by Natalie Glees, 25, teacher
Library stacks

by Katie Ireland Kuiper, 29, Ph.D. Candidate
Notes on Helen Zia

by Angel Trazo, 26, PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis
Mstislav Rostropovich

by Yolande Frommer, 78, retired Travel Agent
Zeppelin record

by Frank Lacopo, 27, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Penn State University
Machu Picchu

by Wendell Johnson, 52, Social Studies Teacher
Peng Chau View

by Anna Chan, 18, Student
Torso with Hands on Hips, 1994, by Nancy Fried, American, b. 1945

by Ann Fox, professor of English at Davidson College
grocery store shelves

by Margherita Berti, PhD Student
Dutch landscape painting

by David Bruce Smith, Founding Father of the Grateful American™ Foundation

by Hollis Robbins, Johns Hopkins University
Windmill Picture (back).jpg

by Patricia Garvey, 23, Earth Science and Astronomy teacher
San Antonio Express, September 12, 1964

by Steve Earle, singer-songwriter
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence

by Dorothy Morris-Ross, 71, High School Teacher
The Sun

by Bridget H., Ph.D. student
School Bus

by Samantha, 27, Teacher
Winter Lamppost Scene

by Nina Cook, 26, Graduate Student at Rice University

by Caroline A. Jones, professor of art history at MIT
Lake Nicaragua

by Alejandro, 19, student

by Evalin Musser, a 2020 senior at Mountain Heights Academy
Magician by Raymond E. Feist

by Kevin Spencer, 37, PhD student in English at Duke University
Saigon Staircase

by Dan Boyer, high school principal, Beal City Schools
Miniature City

by Kim Karayannis, FCPS Social Studies teacher
Waste bins

by Lené Le Roux, 34, Urban planner, Urban Geography PhD candidiate, South African

by Nauff Zakaria, 37, Ph.D. Candidate
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