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James Joyce, 1915

by William Ferris, former Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
South Vietnam, 1975

by Spencer Swindler, 44, social studies teacher Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Japanese internment detainees

by George Takei, actor, author, director, activist
Temple in Myanmar

by Kyle Jones, 35, High School History Teacher
without words

by Christina Lohry, Chantilly Montessori School, Charlotte, NC
“Death of a Salesman,” by Arthur Miller

by Brian Finke, 21, Student at Texas A&M
Ohlone Indians in a Tule Boat in the San Francisco Bay 1822, by Louis Choris

by Malcolm Margolin, author, publisher, and founder of Heyday Books
Writing poetry

by Patricia Matthew, 49, English professor living in Brooklyn, New York
East German citizens climb the Berlin Wall

by Nancy Gardner, educational consultant and NBCT teacher
Ho Chi Minh's "Appeal Made on the Occasion of the Founding of the Indochinese Communist Party"

by Terry Ashkinos, 8th grade Humanities teacher, CA
Menéndez Landing by Stanley Meltzoff

by Judy Lindquist, 59 years old, Educator and Author and 2018-19 Teacher Advisory Council member
Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa

by Gabriela Lopez, 21, Texas A&M University Undergraduate Student

by Stephen Garrett, 21, Student
La Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands)

by Michelle Kaighn, 39, high school history teacher in Medford, NJ
Fishing Net

by Frances Coffey, High School Teacher
The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

by Sydnie, 18, Student
Preparing for the North Carolina Symphony's visit

by Charles Frazier, award-winning author of Cold Mountain, Varina, and other novels
Costa Rican coat of arms

by Randall Tolpinrud, President, Pax Natura Foundation
Rosie the Riviter

by Anonymous
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence

by Dorothy Morris-Ross, 71, High School Teacher
Illustration of final chase scene in Herman Melville'sMoby-Dick

by James Hackett, CEO, Alta Mesa Resources

by Edward Kinman, age 59, Professor of Geography and Coordinator of the Virginia Geographic Alliance
Two Women

by Julie Doan, Elementary Teacher, Oregon
The Night of the Hunter (1955)

by Dave Wilson, lead singer-songwriter of bluegrass group Chatham County Line
Civil rights leaders marching in Washington, D.C.

by Kamille Bostick, Vice President, Education Programs, Levine Museum of the New South
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