The COVID-19 pandemic has disconnected us from the familiar flow of our lives. We find ourselves “socially distanced” from one another and uncertain of how long the current situation will continue or how deeply our world may be changed. This has necessitated a re-evaluation of many things—including the ways we think about “home.”

In the following collection of Moments, contributors imagine home as a place, a feeling, a set of relationships, and as a site of learning and personal growth. Margherita Berti reflects on becoming familiar with a new culture abroad and recognizing a new home in the process. Kristin Jacobson reveals that even when we turn to popular media as a way to “escape” from reality, the narratives that entertain us shape the way that we imagine our homes and our future. Stephen G. Hall shares how the presence of humanities in his childhood home fostered his work as a political activist outside its walls.