The day that I recited an Angie Thomas poem at the St. Petersburg College’s auditorium was my humanities moment since this author is an inspiration for me. First, it was hard to speak and be there in front of so many classmates and professors because I am shy, so I hate to do presentations. Despite my insecurities, I participated in the open mic since everyone deserved to know this beautiful poem “A right to happiness.”

Angie Thomas is a Black American writer who wrote The Hate U Give, a book that tackles all the oppression and injustice that black people suffer from police violence. Since I read this book, I follow every work of Angie Thomas such as books, poems, and more. For that reason, I know this poem could motive myself to do infinite things and never keep silent.

This is a brief part of the poem, “Well, I am not one of those,
who will bow down to their woes.
I will stand up and fight,
fight for what I think I have the right…. Happiness….” This poem reminds me that no matter what, I need to make heard my voice, and be my own hero because no one else can save me.

– Geraldine Galindo (Student, St. Peterburg College)