Hong Kong is a prosperous and fast-paced city. Last month, i went to Peng Chau, which is an outlying island, to get away from the stress of the city. There are some residential districts on the island, but it is different from other outlying islands such as Lamma Island and Cheung Chau. Most tourists would choose to go to Lamma Island or Cheung Chau because there are more spots for tourists to visit. However, I think Peng Chau is a spot off the beaten path. Most people don’t see the beauty of it.

When I arrived at Peng Chau, it was already around 5 o’clock. There were some elderly people sitting in chairs and chatting with their friends or enjoying the scenery. This scene was really incredible because most of the citizens in Hong Kong are busy working and studying. I wandered around observing what people were doing. I discovered that they were enjoying their life and weren’t doing things in a hurry. An hour later, I sat down to watch the spectacular sunset. The beauty of the sunset is indescribable.

The trip to Peng Chau let me get a close-up of myself. Most of the time, I just stay at home and watch YouTube or concentrate on studying. I seldom slow down and enjoy my life, but after visiting Peng Chau, I’ve found that I spend more time with my thoughts.

– Anna Chan (1 Student)