Three years ago my schoolfriend of university took me to see the Canadian monument for the fallen soldiers of the First World War at Vimy in France. I especially remember the ride to Vimy. As out of nothing there was this huge monument on a hill. The white stones and the sunlight made me eager to arrive. When I visited the monument and took a closer look I was very much impressed and in the mean time flurried.

Since I saw this monument I regularly go back because the monument continues to move me. I took my children, I took several friends and also my parents and convinced them of the beauty and of the message behind it. I’ve always been interested in history, but from then on I’m also very interested in memorial history. In the north of France and the south of Belgium there are a lot of sites to explore. Each vacation I try to combine relaxing-time with memorial-hunting. I’m happy that also my husband and kids like or share my mad interest.

– Anonymous