At the age of 74, I could describe many humanities moments but this one stands out. Sometime in 1961, my brother was driving me home when I first heard Symphony Sid play John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” over the radio. I was a veteran jazz listener at that time but the sound of this recording captivated us. From the time it started, it took less than the 13 odd minutes of the performance to get home but we could not leave the car until the music was finished. Afterwards we turned off the radio and sat in silence for 5 minutes before we talked about what we had just heard.

I was taking trumpet lessons and playing baritone horn in my high school’s concert band. I had been listening to music, including classical music, and buying jazz albums for years. High school was not the high point of my life but music had always brought me to a higher understanding of my feelings toward the world around me. It still does.

– George Bailey (Retired Helicopter Pilot, 45 years; Failed Musician, Proficient Amateur Illustrator, Avid Sailor)