I was around seven years old. My dad and I were in the car when the song came on. “My Front Porch Looking In” by the band Lonestar was my favorite song and I knew every word. I loved singing the song at the top of my lungs every time it came on. Today though, I stayed quiet. I had just witnessed yet another argument between my parents and my dad had taken me for a drive around town to cool off. He looked over at me with a confused expression when he saw I wasn’t singing. All of a sudden he started singing the song as loud as possible and started to sway back and forth. He smiled and nudged my arm and soon enough I was grinning and singing along. This was the first time that music helped me to cope with a difficult situation. Since that day, I have turned to music as a sort of therapy to help me get through any rough time and the power of music has never failed me.

Music helped transform my understanding of the world. There is a song for any emotion and the song can either exacerbate an existing emotion or help change the way you are feeling. It can cheer you up or allow you to wallow in whatever you are feeling but at the end of the day the fact that music can make you feel something is where its power comes from.

– Zachary Fine (Student)