We tend to remember “firsts” in our lives. Hopefully we recognize the importance and value of experiences as we live through them. My first travel overseas was as an undergraduate on a semester study abroad to Stirling University in Scotland. It was absolute magic! All the experiences associated with travel – language, food, smells, conversation, relationships, sounds – were amplified because it was my first experience like this. I recall the side trips to Orkney, Portree, London, Bath, and Edinburgh equally to the moments on campus as a student studying history and education in another nation. In Scotland I discovered soccer, Caravaggio, William Wallace, scotch, hiking, history, music, other people and, most importantly, my self. Traveling overseas as a student is an experience that is hard to replicate in another part of your life. I tried, by working in another country for six years, but the student experience provides a unique moment in time that can’t fully be recreated later. I encourage students in college to make this experience of their college career. Some fear they will be missing something by leaving. You won’t.

And I remember that semester as if it happened yesterday and is happening now.

– Craig Perrier (Social Studies Curriculum Specialist and Adjunct)