From the moment I was born I was wrapped in the warmth of a blanket. The doctors and nurses took me, wrapped me up and placed me on my mom to keep me warm and safe. Of course I don’t remember this but I am constantly told this story.

Throughout my childhood I have had a blanket that I was wrapped up in. A blanket that I took everywhere. I would go places and have this to be my safety, my security, my warmth. There is something about being wrapped tight in a blanket, something about it that gives you that big hug you might need when you don’t think you need it. I love the feel of the fabric against my face, the smell of the fresh laundry, it reminds me of home or loving parents, it gives me comfort.

I think that everyone should have a favorite blanket. During a time in my life where I felt lonely and sad, when there were things happening out of my control, I was given a blanket. It was a blanket made of a minky material that was heavy and warm. It was given to me to be a reminder that I am safe and loved.

If this blanket could tell stories it would have many to tell, as it has been on many journeys. When I have been unable to have a blanket with me, I find that I wear a heavy coat, even when the weather is contradicting such options. This simple coat gives me the same feelings of security and holds in all those emotions that a simple constant hug can give. I have used this blanket for more than just warmth sometimes it became my blanket hut that I could escape the world around me. I could create a fun tent to play in, make believe, and even at times sleep in.

A simple blanket can warm someone without a home, can give comfort to a small child, can remind you of a loved one no longer present, and can even be passed down through generations. I have even seen some people make blankets into pillows or wall art.

I believe having a blanket in your life can bring so much joy and peace. I continue to use this blanket today. The simple warmth of a blanket allows me to feel love when I choose to be alone, embraces me without emotion, and gives me comfort to sleep well during the night.

– Morgan B. (1 HS Senior)