When I was in middle school I came to love history, especially Russian history and Hitler’s Germany. This time period intrigued me, plus I learned if I read about communists and Nazis, teachers would leave me alone, and allow me to read. My father recommended George Orwell’s Animal Farm while I was in 8th grade. I read the book, and enjoyed it, then moved on.

In ninth grade social studies, I had to read a satire and present it to the class. I asked to read Animal Farm, and gave the worst presentation. But my teacher stopped me and began to ask me questions, especially about links between current events and the book. I was able to make connections.

In eleventh grade, my social studies teacher, Mr. Eldeman, had my class read and discuss Animal Farm. He asked us questions about the book, and one question has stuck with me. Who is the hero of the book? As a class we would present a character, and he would show us why the character was not the hero. We never answered the question. 5 years after I graduated, I ran into Mr. Eldeman, and asked him who was the hero, his response was who do you think? To this day I still do not know the answer.

– Mary Catherine Keating (Teacher)