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Civil Disobedience: Martin Luther King’s Influences and Legacy

Civil rights leaders marching in Washington, D.C.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we’ve gathered Humanities Moments that touch on the civil rights leader’s intellectual heritage and legacy.

Some focus on thinkers such as Henry David Thoreau, whose works on civil disobedience would influence the young doctoral student. Others trouble the black-and-white narratives about Mahatma Gandhi, another philosopher who touched King’s life, problematizing the straightforward or sanitized stories about the Indian leader’s ideas about race. For instance, what do we make of the presence of a Gandhi statue at the MLK Center in Atlanta? Finally, some focus on the very meaning of civil rights in the United States and beyond.

How do you honor Dr. King’s legacy?

Creating Stories and Memories from Tradition

Burl's Photo

The final months of the year provide a chance to reflect on what connects us to one another. Whether it’s an heirloom recipe or an annual gathering, traditions can offer ways to remember the shared past and envision the future.

By participating in trans-generational acts of memory and storytelling, we can bring Humanities Moments to life and ensure they will be passed into the future.

Celebrating National Arts & Humanities Month

Ebony Fashion Fair designer fashions, NCMA

Since 1993, October has marked National Arts & Humanities Month. In honor of this month, we’ve selected some of our favorite Humanities Moments.  

For a historian, it was a statue with a troubling past. For a travel agent, it was a classical music concerto heard on a blind date. For an artist, it was a Butthole Surfers album. These are just a few of our favorite contributions.

Geography, History, and Education in Barbados

Barbados flag

An attempt to grapple with the the critical role of Barbados in the Transatlantic Slave Trade requires a deep investigation of the historic, geographic, and cultural landscape of this small Caribbean island. The Virginia Geographic Alliance supported a group of educators in their investigation of place and the relationship between human and physical geography.

Poetry’s “Perfect Invitation”

Photograph of Emily Dickinson

Since 1996, the United States has honored April as National Poetry Month. To quote a line from poet Lucille Clifton, it’s a “perfect invitation” to celebrate the ways in which stanzas, synecdoche, and verse have affected readers.

“Remember the Ladies”

Portrait of Abigail Adams

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered Humanities Moments that document the legacies of women who have broken the rules, raised their voices, and left their mark in ways that continue to inspire.


California Humanities: We Are the Humanities

Japanese internment detainees

To celebrate its 40th anniversary of grantmaking, programming, and partnerships that connect Californians to each other, California Humanities invited a group of prominent individuals to explore what the humanities mean to them.

Celebrating Black History

African American voter registration, 1960s

From Revolutionary-era poet Phillis Wheatley to Civil Rights activists, African Americans have left an indelible imprint on American history and culture. Zora Neale Hurston’s novels, Lucille Clifton’s poetry, and Henry Hampton’s Eyes on the Prize documentary are but a handful of works that chronicle the African American experience. In unique ways, these Humanities Moments demonstrate the power of their contributions.

National Humanities Center: This is Us

Confessions of St. Augustine

The National Humanities Center is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to advanced study in all areas of the humanities. The Humanities Moments project was created by the Center in an effort to gather, store, and share personal accounts about how the humanities illuminate our lives, help us better understand one another, and give us the means to appreciate where we came from and to take stock of where we’re going.

This exhibit includes Moments contributed by some of the individuals most closely involved with the National Humanities Center and helps shed light on their shared passion for the humanities. This is us and we would love to share our moments with you. We invite you to do the same and share your moment with us.

Humanities Moments from All Walks of Life

Vincent van Gogh, "Wheatfield with Crows"

In this exhibit, we invite you to consider the broad impact of the humanities across generations, professions, and areas of interest. The selections included here—from artists and academics, business people and entertainers, teachers and students—demonstrate how we all have been shaped, inspired, and transformed by the humanities.

We invite you to join them by sharing your own Humanities Moment and adding your own distinct voice to those assembled here.